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Established in Scotland in 2008 by co-owners, Designer Lynne Paul and Nick Williams, 
today Marble has grown into a major global fashion brand.
Part of our success is the fact that we have one simple aim that will always be 
at the heart of everything we do... we want to make women feel fabulous!
Marble is created for real women. Designed to fit perfectly. Marble allows every 
woman's personality to shine in classic, feminine styles - with a contemporary twist.
Marble is a brand that continues to evolve too. For example, we are using more 
and more natural fibres every season – 100% cotton or a mix of natural fibres 
now feature heavily across our new collections. Luxurious and breathable, 
our new fabrics feel soft and gentle on the skin for ultimate comfort and, 
as importantly, are easy to care for too.
We have introduced more subtle neutral colours into our collection 
to complement our usual vibrant colour palette, all carefully balanced 
to create items that women can mix and match effortlessly - and wear with 
confidence every day. Our style is ageless and we love the fact that 
Marble is worn by mothers and daughters alike, which is why you can 
stock every new Marble collection in the confidence that it will 
sell strongly, season after season.
To discover more about us, please come and see us at any of the events 
listed on our website or, if you prefer, simply email or call us directly to 
arrange an appointment to view the collection either at our Head Office 
or with one of our UK or International sales agents.

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